Remember To Take These Five Things With You On Holiday!

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Packing for your holidays is always exciting, because it means that it’s finally time for you to go! Yet it can be a trial to ensure that you have everything you need, especially if you are limited to a set baggage weight allowance. Aside from your clothes, here are five essential things you need to remember to take with you on your next break:

1. An extra change of clothes

Whether you are travelling by plane or ferry, remember to pack a change of underwear and fresh clothes that can be easily carried in your hand luggage. That way, if your luggage gets mislaid, or if you are spending the night on the ferry, you can at least have fresh clothes for the next day.

2. Portable phone charger

Having a flat battery on your phone is very frustrating, and it may be inconvenient for you to pop back to your hotel room to charge it up. Taking a nifty pocket-sized portable phone charger with you will ensure that you can recharge your battery in time to call for a taxi, take a candid snap or check urgent information online.

3. First aid kit

You may take it for granted that if you injure yourself or feel unwell at home or at work you can nip to the pharmacy or look in your bathroom cupboard for a bandage or remedy to help you to feel better. On holiday it may not be easy to find a chemist, so take an essential first aid kit with you wherever you go. This should include plasters of varying sizes, blister plasters, medicines to ease tummy troubles, antihistamines, bite and sting cream and antiseptic wipes.

4. A bite to eat

We all have set routines at home and at work and we always know when and where we are next going to be able to eat or have time for a snack. On holiday we may be far too busy having fun and sightseeing to fit in a pit stop – so make sure you have a snack bar or two tucked into your bag.

5. Aloe vera

We all know we should cover up, stick to the shade and wear sun cream when it’s hot outside, but even the most diligent of travellers can suffer sunburn at times. Aloe vera is amazing at providing instant relief to sore and burnt skin, so make sure you take some with you just in case.

And finally, remember to pack: passports; travel money; tickets; toiletries (decanted into travel-sized bottles to save space); any medication you normally take; details of your travel insurance policy; and your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card, formerly called the E111).