An agreement has been reached with most of the main Insurers to continue to give full cover for your Insured UNOCCUPIED or PARTIALLY UNOCCUPIED Buildings, subject to following the following CONDITIONS:

  1. You must ensure that the building(s) or empty portions of the building(s) are inspected internally and
    externally, at least once a week by you or a person on your behalf and that this is noted for reference.
  2. All Pallets, Packaging, Refuse and Waste materials are removed from the interior of the building(s) and
    removed from the premises and kept in bins well away from the building(s) to avoid being set on fire
    maliciously, until collected and emptied. The Empty Bins should then be locked away in a part of
    the building(s) to avoid being vandalised.
  3. Secure the premises and put all protective, locking devices and any alarm protection in effective operation
  4. Gas, water and electricity services (except electricity or water supply required to maintain any fire or intruder
    alarm protections) and any fuel supplies are permanently shut off at the switch or stopcock where they
    enter the building(s) (or in the case of individual flats or portions of a building, where they enter the flat or
    empty part of the building.
  5. If during the Covid-19 outbreak, your premises is repurposed for different activities please contact your MIG
    Commercial Executive, to discuss and they will try to support you where possible.
  6. Similarly, for TAKE AWAY and DELIVERY changes to the norm, please contact your MIG Commercial Executive.

We also wish to provide our business customers with risk management advice for the Covid-19 closure period. It is understood that Public Authority Covid-19 restrictions will curtail the implementation of some actions at present. However, the following actions are best practice to minimise the likelihood of damage to temporarily unoccupied premises.


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Where adherence to the above risk management measures cannot be complied with because of restrictions onmovement imposed
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