6 Tips To Reduce Energy Bills For Your Business

tips to reduce energy bills for your business
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If you’re looking to save money on your bills while lowering your carbon footprint, then you’ll be delighted to know there are various simple measures that allow you to do both. Here are six simple tips to get you started:

1. Switch off!

Every year, there so is much energy wasted simply by leaving PCs switched on overnight! Implement a ‘switch everything off’ policy at the end of the day and charge your managers with checking it gets done by their teams. Simply ask your staff to switch off their PCs, monitors, printers, lights and other electrical equipment at the end of the day. Leave posters and reminders by light switches and other equipment to keep the message fresh. Bear in mind that even leaving on one printer and photocopier overnight will waste enough energy to print a whopping 1,500 sheets of paper each year!

2. Check your vending machine

The big switch off shouldn’t end in the office either. If you have a vending machine, then switch that off too when the office closes. There’s no need to keep non-perishable food snacks cool overnight.

3. Turn down the heat

Lowering your office heating by a single degree can mean an impressive 10% reduction in your heating bill. The chances are that no one will even notice that you’ve done it!

4. Change your lightbulbs

Old fashioned lightbulbs devour energy. Invest instead in the latest CFL lamps which cut energy usage by up to 75%. Look for those which have a ‘warm white’ light – these are the most suitable for offices and retail spaces.

5. Invest in recycling

If your staff aren’t yet on board with recycling, make it easy by installing recycling bins in shared areas and removing individual waste bins from under desks. Set recycling challenges for teams, with prizes for the best ideas and action!

6. Cycle to work

Encourage staff to cycle, walk or even run to work, rather than using their cars. Incentivise it if necessary – perhaps with a charity competition or an internal campaign based around health and fitness. The government’s cycle to work purchase scheme is also well worth signing up to and launching internally to give staff a tax-efficient means of buying a new bike.