Making an insurance claim

McCarthy Insurance Group compares and contrasts the offerings of different insurers to ensure that you have the cover you require. If you have an emergency, all you need to do is call McCarthy Insurance Group. We know that this is when you need us most. We can work on your behalf and will often negotiate with your insurance company to settle your claim.

Contact us now

1. Call your local branch of McCarthy Insurance Group
2. Give details of the emergency
3. Depending on the type of claim, we will give you advice on what to do next.

For larger claims, such as a buildings claim on your home, we can appoint an assessor. Assessors’ fees are not covered by your policy, so you will have to pay for this service yourself. An assessor is not the same as a loss adjuster, who is employed by the insurance company and works on their behalf.

Things to consider before making a claim

We can assist you if you need to make a claim or if a claim is not settled in your favour, we can help you to appeal the decision. Before making a claim:

* Check the excess you have to pay yourself. You will not be able to claim for amounts less than the excess.
* If the claim is small, consider whether it is worth making a claim. If you make a claim, you may lose your no claims bonus

Claim settlement

Insurers normally settle claims by cheque, payable to you.

Personal injury claims – what to do if you have an accident

In cases that involve another party, such as a traffic accident:

* Report the matter to the Gardaí immediately.
* Advise McCarthy Insurance Group straight away.

In the case of your claim going to court check if you have legal expenses cover on your policy so that you do not pay for services that you are already covered for.

Can my claim be refused?

Although we will often negotiate with your insurance company to settle your claim your claim can be refused for a reasons

* What you are claiming for is not covered by your policy
* One of the conditions in your policy is not met, for example, you have not reported an accident to the Gardaí
* Your insurer has evidence that you did not fill in your initial application form accurately or truthfully

See more information at:

Motor Breakdown Assist

Company Rescue Type Phone number
Allianz Roadside Rescue – Comprehensive cover only 1800 77 9999
Aviva Aviva Rescue 1800 44 8888
ARB DAS Drive Assistance Extra 1890 67 06 70
Axa Motor Rescue 1890 247 365
DAS Drive Assistance “Gold” 1890 67 06 70
Kennco DAS Drive Assistance Extra 1890 67 06 70
MIG DAS Drive Assistance “Gold” 1890 67 06 70
RSA Roadside Assistance 01 832 8358
Sertus Motor Assistance 1800 417 270
Travelers Motor Breakdown Assistance 1800 945 818
Zurich Breakdown Assistance – Comprehensive Cover Only 1890 208 408
FBD Motor Breakdown Assistance 1800 323 888
Liberty Motor Breakdown Assistance 1800 706 080
Patrona  Breakdown Assistance – Comprehensive Cover Only 1800 806 800
BUMP Motor Breakdown Assistance 1800 812 228
Footprint Breakdown Assist 01 261 1200
N. Ireland Driver Assistance 0800 404 9206
U.K. Driver Assistance 0800 731 5123


Farm Claims

Aviva Farm Claims Line: 1890 66 68 88

Zurich Farm Claims Line: 1890 20 84 08

Motor Claims

In the event of a motor insurance claim, our specialist claims partner DAS will handle your claim, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Simply phone 1890 923 367

Windscreen Claims

Call 1890 44 52 77 or click here

For DAS Breakdown Assist please phone:

1890 670 670

0800 404 9206

Property Claims

Owens McCarthy





In the event of a household claim, our specialist claims partner Owens McCarthy will handle your claim, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the event of a commercial claim, please contact your policy handler.

For claims outside of office hours,

Simply phone  1890 25 22 23 Or 1890 29 39 49

Travel Claims

In the event of a travel insurance claim call 00353 9156 0616 (Blue Insurance)

Identity Guard Claims

In the event of an identity theft claim, please click here

Well Woman Claims

In the event of a Well Woman claim, please click here

Pet Claims

In the event of a pet insurance claim, please click here