Complete Business Legal Protection

Legal disputes are often costly and stressful to pursue or defend.

Please note the final Part VII transfer from DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company to ARAG Legal Protection Ltd will be completed in Mid-2020.

Many people are deterred from taking legal action because of the financial risk and uncertainty of the outcome. This is where Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) can help.

Some insurance products offer limited legal expenses cover under their packaged policies, some other offer none at all. Here at McCarthy Insurance Group we recognised this and designed Complete Business Legal Expenses, which not alone gives serious extra covers but also provides all MIG customers with the same high level protection.

To purchase this product on the open market would cost over €500 per annum, but we are bringing it to all our customers, both new and existing, for a knockdown price of just €65.

Unlike conventional insurance, LEI does not make a direct payment for a claim. Instead, the insurance covers the legal costs involved in pursuing or defending a claim. Legal costs include the appointment of solicitors, barristers and expert witnesses. In many cases, the LEI provider manages the claim from start to finish. Commercial legal expenses insurance policies which protect against the cost of potential commercial legal disputes provide the legal advice and representation businesses need to minimise their exposure to these risks.

Complete Legal Protection

Why should you consider Complete Business Legal Expenses Insurance?

Employment law and the fear of a claim from an employee, ex-employee or even potential employee is the driving force behind many companies’ need for commercial legal expenses insurance. Legislation like the new Employment Equality Act 2004 and other recent legislation introducing new rights for part-time workers, parental and maternity leave.

The Working Time Regulations and The Minimum Wage Act have also increased employee rights. All are causing employers to check and in many cases, amend their policies and procedures to remain within the law. Keeping up to date often requires the help of a lawyer. This is exactly where the benefits of legal protection policies kick in.

Providing legal advice through an e-mail or telephone helpline service enables the policyholder to obtain up to date information on the law and how it affects their individual circumstances. The lawyers providing this explain what action a policyholder can or should take under the law to pursue their case or to comply with requirements under new legislation.

Legal advice is often the first point of contact a policyholder has with their insurer before making a claim. Should a mistake be made and a claim brought at an Employment Tribunal, uninsured firms will probably face a legal bill of several thousand pounds. Without legal expenses insurance, winning their case will be of limited relief as, regardless of the outcome, costs are not recoverable under the tribunal system.

For just €65 per annum, you basically have ‘a solicitor and Business Consultant in your pocket’, 24/7/365. An expert is only a call away on  a low cost number.

In addition to this MIG are offering legal defence including,

  • Motor prosecution defense
  • Statutory license protection
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Property protection & bodily injury
  • Tax protection (revenue audits, employer’s compliance, VAT disputes)
  • Motor contract disputes
  • Accident loss recovery
  • Motor legal protection
  • Contract disputes cover and debt recovery (non-motor)
  • We will pursue claims, including enforcement of judgement, to recover money and interest due from the sales or provision of goods or services.
  • 24 hour helpline for Commercial Advice and Assistance
  • 24 hour confidential counselling helpline
  • 24 hour Confidential Health & Medical Information
  • Comprehensive Online Employment manual

We have a panel of expert solicitors all over Ireland and the UK, and indeed Europe to advise and assist you when you need them most. The service is strictly confidential and brochures are available in any of our 11 offices, or by contacting us.

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Video Explained: A Guide to Commercial Legal Expenses insurance from DAS