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Health insurance in Ireland has become increasingly complex over the past few years. It can be difficult to sift through the multitude of health insurance plans on the market to find the one that’s best for you.

On the plus side, there is real choice in the market when it comes to health insurance providers and the type of cover available.

This is where McCarthy Insurance Group brokers can assist you by searching the market for a plan that best suits your individual or family needs which can result in you saving money and/or having access to more healthcare benefits.

In addition, we will review your cover every year at renewal to ensure you are still getting the best benefits available and that your health insurance is keeping up with any changes in the market.

Selecting the Right Cover For You/Your Family

Are you getting the best deal from your insurer when in comes to health insurance and are you on the best possible plan to suit your needs? When taking out health insurance you need to consider the following:

·  What type of hospitals do you want to be covered for, e.g. public hospitals only or public and private hospitals?

·  What type of accommodation do you require in hospital, e.g. private or semi-private?

·  Are you willing to take on an excess to lower your premium?

·  Do you require cover for day to day medical expenses such as GP and Physiotherapy bills?

Don’t pay too much for your health insurance cover, contact our expert team below who will find the best plan at the lowest price for you today.

·  Colette O’Donohue QFA FLIA Dip PMI
·  Ann Daly QFA CIP
·  Alan Cleary

Phone: 021 4279999

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