Employers Health Insurance

What can we do for you?

· Save companies more money on their health insurance than dealing with insurers directly

· Offer impartial advice on all 280+ plans available on the market

· Save time on the tender process as we will do the work on your behalf

· Furnish you with a full report assessing all insurers

· Benchmark all insurers offers and plans against each other and present this in order of the best fit for your company and employees

Selecting the Right Company and Cover for your employees

· Do you want to avoid annual increases of 10-20% on your health insurance premium?

· Are you certain you are getting the best healthcare package from your insurer?

· Are you looking to control the escalating cost of healthcare premiums and looking to move to an ‘allowance model’ to allow you to fix these costs going forward?

· Are your employees questioning the rising benefit in kind costs associated with private health insurance?

· Do your employees pay for their own plans through salary deduction and if so are they being advised of alternatives options open to them each renewal year?

Let us review your cover each year across all of the providers to ensure you are getting the very best value for money for your company.

To find out more or make an appointment to meet with our Corporate Health Insurance expert please call Colette O’Donohue on 021 4279999 or email coletteodonohue@mig.ie

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