Keep Intruders Out

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House break-ins are on the rise. While you might not want to turn your home into a fortress, you don’t need to make things easy for an unwelcome visitor.

1. Install an intruder alarm system as soon as you can. It makes sense and you’ll get a discount on your home insurance premium. Make sure your alarm is installed by an approved contractor who is registered with the Private Security Authority.

2. Fit mortice locks on all access doors to your home.

3. Always lock external doors and set the alarm when leaving the house (even if only for a few minutes).

4. Always set the alarm when retiring for the night. Your nightime alarm setting should be designed to allow you move about the inside of your house freely.

5. Fit locking device on all ground floor and accessible windows (other than bedroom windows).

6. Leave a spare set of keys with your neighbour – don’t leave spare sets of keys outside the house, thieves know the hiding places too!