Reduce The Risk Of Fire

House On Fire
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The risk of an outbreak of fire at your home can increase over the winter period and you need to be extra vigilant and take some important precautions.

1. Give yourself time
• Install several smoke alarms around your home and check them regularly to ensure they are working.
• Smoke does not wake people. On the contrary, it actually puts them into a deeper sleep causing death from carbon monoxide poisoning.
• Smoke alarms save lives… don’t become a statistic!

2. Heating
• Provide fire guards in front of open fires.
• Have the chimney swept annually.
• Have your Boiler serviced annually and ensure boiler flues are properly vented.
• Don’t dry clothes on fire safety guards or storage heaters.

3. Cooking
• Keep electrical leads, curtains, paper towels, tea towels, oven gloves away from cooking appliances as they can easily catch fire.
• Ensure that all cooking appliances are kept clean as any build up of crumbs, fat or grease can easily catch fire.
• Change the oil in your domestic / deep fat fryer on a regular basis and never place food in the oil if it has started smoking.
• Have a fire blanket in the kitchen and ensure that everyone knows how to use it safely.

4. Electrical Items
• Your Installation should be checked every 10 years by a RECI or ECCSA approved Electrical Contractor.
• Regularly check that plugs and leads are in good condition.
• During the festive season, be careful of Christmas tree lights, check them for wear and tear and don’t forget to unplug them every night.

5. Also…
• Be extra careful when using candles, make sure they are fixed to a solid fire resisting base. Don’t leave candles unattended and don’t forget to extinguish them.
• If there are smokers in the house, make sure they extinguish their cigarettes properly.