Be Careful On The Roads This Christmas

Particular care is needed when driving during the winter months. Be aware of the basic precautions you can take to help avoid the extra hazards at this time of year.

1. Never, ever drink and drive. Drink driving shatters lives!

2. Drive within the speed limits and keep your distance from the car in front.

3. Ensure you and all your passengers wear seat belts at all times, even for the shortest of journeys.

4. Icy road conditions, particularly at night and early morning, can be lethal. Remember that ice is not always visible on roadways. In severe conditions only make essential trips.

5. Before setting out,make sure you have a clear view through all car windows.

6. If you see a small crack in your windscreen, get it repaired before it gets larger and has to be replaced.

7. Regularly check car tyres to ensure that they have adequate thread and make sure that the air pressure is correct.

8. Be safe… be seen…when jogging,walking or cycling during dusk and hours of darkness always wear a high viz vest or reflective bands.

9. Fit your bicycle with front and rear lights and always wear a safety helmet.