Beat Those Frozen Conditions

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Winter inevitably delivers bouts of severe frost.You can avoid the threat of damage that frost brings to your home.

1. Keep your home well heated during cold spells.

2. Insulate all pipework on the cold side of the insulation within your attic.

3. Insulate the top and sides of your water tank in the attic leaving the area underneath
uninsulated and extend the insulation from the side of the tank to the ceiling insulation.

4. Find out where the stop valve is so that you know where and how to turn off the
water in case of a burst pipe.

5. If you’re going to be away from home at any time during the winter;
• Leave the heating on at a low temperature or alternatively make use of a thermostat to ensure that the temperature is maintained above 4ºc.
• Open the attic door to let heat circulate.
• Be sure to ask a neighbour/friend to visit your house daily.

6. Make sure that all overflow pipes (including water cisterns etc.) are adequate and discharge to a drain system.