Driving Abroad – Does My Insurance Cover My Trip?

Driving Abroad
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As we are now entering the holiday season, it is worth remembering a few Golden Rules of advice for driving abroad.

Ask your broker to email your insurance company to inform them you intend to drive outside Ireland. Many Insurers do not cover breakdowns outside Ireland and UK  .Cover is available on our website for EU breakdown on a stand-alone basis for €84.

The driving of other vehicle does not apply to all policies, when you are outside Ireland. (Please check your policy booklet).

If  you are hiring a car on your trip abroad note that Car-hire Excess, costing between €6 and €20 per day in some countries, is available on our website from €2.99 per day up to €62.99 per annum

Travel insurance is also available on our website but must be taken before  you leave the country.

If you have, an insurance question you can contact us by email info@mig.ie , tweet us @mig_ie.