Are YOU an Enterprise Customer with a Renewal Date between 22nd July 2016 and 31st December 2016?

Statement from MD Paul Kavanagh. “Thankfully, less than ½ a per cent of our customers are affected, and we have identified them and are in the process of contacting them, to advise them to take up new policies on Monday”.

Frequently Asked Questions – Enterprise Customers

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Thankfully Enterprise, in Ireland, were in ‘Wind-down’ and had nearly completed 7 months of orderly transfers to other Insurers, as the policies came up for renewal.

However any Enterprise customer with a renewal date between 22nd July 2016 and 31st December 2016 is affected:

  1. Do I have an Enterprise policy?

If you have a Wrightway SMART policy, it is with underwritten by Enterprise Insurance.

Should you have a Wrightway Standard, Elite or Van plan policy they are NOT AFFECTED, as they are with a different Insurer.

Your insurance DISC, on the windscreen, shows clearly, who your Insurer is. If it’s ENTERPRISE, read on: Your renewal date and policy number are also on that Disc.

  1. So the Disc says ENTERPRISE! What cover do I have under my existing policy?

Your policy is still in force. However as the Insurer is insolvent, we have serious concerns as to the Liquidators ability to pay claims. However if you are stopped by the Gardaí your policy is considered valid from a legal perspective.

  1. What if I choose to stay with Enterprise?

Our main concern is that your policy may not pay out in the event of a claim and therefore; OUR ADVICE, is that you arrange alternative cover immediately. Even if you choose to hold your existing policy, it is likely that the liquidator will provide notice of cancellation in the very near future.

  1. What are my options?

Your options are; to stay with Enterprise and take your chances, or arrange for an alternative policy with us. We strongly advise you to arrange for an alternative policy immediately. In a statement on Sunday afternoon, Wrightway Underwriting which is owned by Zurich Insurance, said “they have decided to make an ex gratia payment to the affected Enterprise policyholders. The sum will amount to the value of the premiums from now until the end of the customers’ policy. This will ensure that policyholders receive a payment to put towards the cost of replacement cover.

We will be in contact with our customers on Monday 25th July 2016 to address any queries regarding affected policies. Alternatively ring your branch office or call in to see us.

To find out more, visit the RTE news section here