Must Ireland Clamp Down On Driving Offences?

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MIG welcomes the Oireachtas Report on Motor Insurance and agree with most of its 75 points, but it is only a ‘DISCUSSION’ document and what is now required is Quick Government action to implement legislation amendments, that will give the Central Bank more power to make sure these changes are implemented in 2017.

The Gardaí are seriously, understaffed and under resourced. The Number Plate Recognition System that they have in the UK for the last 15 years, was offered to our Government, just after it was introduced in the UK. Why has it taken 15 years to accept this? We must equip our Gardaí to be able to catch Uninsured Drivers, Road Tax and NCT defaulters as well as those drivers who should not be on the road due to convictions or heavy penalty points.

They must have the power to confiscate vehicles on the spot and to fine them €500 on the spot with 6 penalty points, as they do in the UK.  They must have the power to put Provisional Permit holders off the road, if they are driving unaccompanied by a Full driver and without L plates. Parents have a huge role to play here. We all have a huge part to play here. If we want to bring prices down, we must get tough on those that are ripping the system off.