New Service for McCarthy Insurance Group (MIG) Customers

Dear Customers,

MIG are delighted to offer a new unique service to all its customers, you can now transfer your car insurance temporarily online via our website

MIG understands the importance of our customer needs and the need to be flexible. This new service that’s unique to MIG and no other broker allows our customers to transfer their car insurance 24/7 365 days a year.

mig blog post temporary car insurance replacement
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Just login onto our web page and under the motor insurance tab fill in your details. You will need the name of your Insurer, policy number, branch and your own vehicle details to proceed. Once you have entered all details correctly you can input the vehicle that you want to temporarily go on cover, this must have a valid NCT and must be a garage vehicle if not please contact your branch.

 Once you tick the disclaimer that you do have a policy with MIG that has not been cancelled, lapsed or suspended and that all information is true/accurate a confirmation email will be sent which can act as proof if stopped by An Garda Siochana.

Happy Motoring!