Other Business Insurance

McCarthy Insurance Group provide insurance solutions for a variety of industries including motor trade, arts and leisure, marine, motor fleet and hauladge as well as many other products for businesses of all sizes.

We are committed to delivering the best insurance policy for your business and we negotiate with insureres on your behalf.

We also offer superior employers liability, public liability and legal expenses insurance.

Some of the other business insurance policies we provide are listed below.

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Arts and Leisure
Bonds & Fidelity Guarantee
Crèche Insurance
Directors and Officers
Fidelity Insurance


An example of the Engineering insurance covers available include:

Plant (owned and/or hired-in)
Electronic equipment
Machinery movement
Contract works machinery
Contract works construction
Plant protection
Electrical installations
Local exhaust ventilation equipment
Lift and lifting equipment
Pressure plant
General work equipment

Artist InsuranceArts and Leisure

Theatres, Arts Centres, and Organisations- McCarthy Insurance Group have a wealth of knowledge insuring theatres, Art Centres, Print Studios and most other Art organizations.


Whether you own an aircraft, helicopter, hangar or any business within the aviation industry we can tailor an insurance solution to your requirements.
An example of the Aviation insurance covers available include:

Liability to Passengers
Pilot Personal Accident
Loss of License
Air Field Operations

Bonds / Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

McCarthy Insurance Group can guaranty your company a scheduled payments of interest and principal on a bond or other security in the event of a payment default by the issuer of the bond or security.

Computer InsuranceComputer

We can provide protection for a wide range of computer and other electronic equipment.

An example of the Computer insurance covers available include:

Stand alone PC,
Networked system
Mainframe installation.
Customer records

Crèche Insurance

At McCarthy Insurance Group we provide protection against risks associated with Montessori, crèche and school insurance.

An example of the Creche insurance covers available include:

Montessori Schools
Day Care
Nursery School

Directors and Officers

Office InsuranceRegulation and an increasingly litigious world is placing greater pressure on company directors and officers to perform meticulously. As such many corporate companies and a high percentage of medium sized businesses opt to protect themselves from potential claims against their officers and directors.

An example of the Directors and Officers insurance covers available include:

Financial mismanagement
Breaches of Company Law
Breaches of Tax Law
Employment issues
Breaches of Environmental Law

Exhibition Insurance

We provide solutions for exhibition organiser and exhibitors on a one day or annual basis.

An example of the exhibition insurance covers available include:

Event public liability insurance,
Employers liability insurance,
Event cancellation

Fidelity Insurance

We provide protection for your company against the disloyalty or dishonesty of an or employee by promising to compensate the company for losses incurred as a result of the disloyalty or dishonesty of such individuals.

An example of the fidelity insurance covers available include:

Fidelity insurance cover can include:
Employee theft
Money and securities while on premises or in transit
Funds transfer fraud
Computer fraud
Money order and counterfeit currency fraud
Credit card fraud
Optional client coverage
Coverage for investigative costs for covered losses


If you are in charge of a chandlery or a sailing school, a boat yard, marina or other marine business, you will require a commercial insurance policy.

You will also be interested in reducing the premium for your policy and we would be delighted to help you explore the alternatives available. McCarthy Insurance Group can deliver a wide range of private pleasure and commercial marine insurance products to our customers.

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