Taxi Insurance

Recognition for professional taxi drivers – a motor insurance policy that suits your individual needs

As a professional taxi driver, you deserve a superior insurance deal – one that rewards your dedication to safer driving and high standards of customer care.

McCarthy Insurance Group has joined forces with Aviva to bring you Taximac. Taximac is more than just insurance cover, it is a package of benefits designed to help you achieve and maintain a high standard of professionalism and customer service. This product has been designed with self-employed owner/drivers in mind and recognises how important it is to have the most suitable products for your needs.

Unique cover for unique drivers

Taximac promises you exclusive benefits – such as driving other taxis, cover for your spouse and new car replacement, along with a wide range of standard covers – all at an extremely competitive rate.

Taximac is unique in that its premium rates are based on a professional driving assessment, ensuring you get recognised for your expert driving.

This one-hour professional assessment is carried out by the Aviva Driving School and is designed to reward you for your safer driving with significant discounts – up to 35%* – on your insurance premium.

We believe that Taximac gives you a truly superior insurance package

  • A high standard of service, and the independent help and advice of McCarthy Insurance Group
  • The strength of one of Ireland’s leading insurance companies, Aviva.
  • Up to 35%* discount rate based on performance in the course assessment.

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