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Death In Service Schemes

Financial Services Death In Service Schemes Many companies offer death in service benefits, paying your beneficiary a tax-free lump sum if you pass while employed. Though helpful, this coverage alone may not fully protect your family. Supplementing with personal life insurance can provide complete peace of mind. Enquire now What we offer Unlike individually owned […]

Group/Company Pension Schemes

Financial Services Group/Company Pension Schemes A company pension scheme is one of the most important employee benefits that you, as an employer, can provide. It helps ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement. As an employer, providing a company pension scheme helps to attract new staff and, importantly, in today’s challenging workplace, retain existing […]

Income Protection Plans

Financial Services Income Protection Plans Income protection insurance is your financial safety net during illness. If injury or illness prevented you from working, how would you pay your bills? Income protection insurance delivers peace of mind by providing replacement income when you can’t work. Enquire now What we offer Income protection pays out a monthly […]

Inheritance Tax Planning

Financial Services Inheritance Tax Planning When you pass away, the last thing you want is for your loved ones to be burdened by a hefty inheritance tax bill. With some planning, you can minimise the taxes owed and ensure your legacy remains intact. Inheritance tax applies to assets exceeding a certain value that are left […]

Keyperson / Shareholder / Business Protection

Financial Services Keyperson/Shareholder /Business Protection Protect Your Business with Key Person Insurance Behind every great company is an invaluable employee whose knowledge and contributions are essential to success. Losing such a key person due to death or illness could financially devastate your business. Key person insurance safeguards your company’s future if the unthinkable occurs. Enquire […]

Life Cover

Financial Services Life Cover Advance planning is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones against life’s unpredictable events. At McCarthy Insurance Group our financial advisors offer a wide variety of life insurance policies and financial safeguards tailored to suit diverse lifestyles and circumstances. We provide different types of life insurance and a range of […]


Financial Services Pension Planning for your financial future through pensions can be highly complex, given the wide variety of schemes and options available. With so many different pension plans on the market, it can be challenging to determine the most suitable choice that fits with your individual retirement goals and allows you to maximise tax […]

Personal & Corporate Investments

Financial Services Personal & Corporate Investments Whether it’s personal or corporate investments and regardless of whether you want a deposit style of investment or a more adventurous equity based investment, we can advise you on the products that would be most appropriate for your risk profile. Enquire now What we offer A range of bonds […]

Regular Personal & Corporate Savings Plans

Financial Services Regular Personal & Corporate Savings Plans Saving for a future event, such as your children’s education, setting up a savings fund for children/grandchildren or simply putting money away for a rainy day – all of this can be done through a long term savings plan. The interest available for saving through a bank […]

Serious Illness Cover

Financial Services Serious Illness Cover Certain illnesses can disrupt your life significantly, preventing you from working while needing care and recovery time. Serious illness coverage provides vital financial assistance if diagnosed with a major specified condition. This critical illness protection offers a safety net when afflicted by a severe ailment. Enquire now What we offer […]

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