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With professional inheritance tax planning, you can protect your loved ones’ financial future. Lay the groundwork now so they receive the maximum inheritance you intend, not a reduced amount after taxes. Give your family the peace of mind of a worry-free legacy.

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Why use a financial advisor?

A financial advisor leverages their unparalleled expertise to guide your key money decisions by crafting a financial roadmap aligned with your distinct goals and risk comfort. Their comprehensive grasp of investing, savings, taxes and retirement provides direction without you having to research complex topics yourself. Advisors supply impartial recommendations so you can make choices that benefit you. Looking holistically at your finances, they optimise and coordinate plans wisely. Adapting to life’s changes, their continuing support keeps you on the path to prosperity. For their wisdom and convenience, advisors deliver value and reassurance.




Tailored Packages

Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group?

Boasting over 30 years of experience since 1991, McCarthy Insurance Group has designed bespoke financial solutions to empower clients’ futures. Our team of certified financial advisors possesses expansive expertise spanning all aspects of financial planning including insurance, retirement, investing, taxes and more. We retain an objective outlook without favouring any singular provider. Furthermore, we collaborate with accounting, tax and legal partners to deliver all-encompassing guidance by tapping into varied fields of knowledge. Our sole focus is building customised plans to safeguard our clients’ financial well being and deliver peace of mind.


Highly qualified professional team of advisors with over €300 million in client assets under management.


Innovative technology that allows clients to view all of their policies with all insurers in one place.

Competitive Rates

Access to the most competitive rates from all of the major insurance and investment companies in the marketplace.

Personal Service

Highly efficient administration service and direct contact points for all customers

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