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Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group?

Insuring your high value assets with the right provider on the right terms means peace of mind and no surprises. With over 70 years of experience, McCarthy Insurance Group have built a powerful reputation as expert insurance advisors for our clients. Our experienced team takes time to understand our clients’ unique needs and provide them with the protection they require.

Above all, in the event that you have to make a claim, we’ll work on your behalf to ensure a fair and timely settlement.


How do you know if you need high-net-worth insurance?

If any of the following apply to you, then you could benefit from talking to one of our experienced high net worth insurance specialists:


  • The value of your vehicle whether day to day or classic is €100,000
  • The value of the contents in your home is more than €100,000
  • You require buildings cover of more than €600,000
  • Your home is listed
  • You own valuable assets such as watches, fine art or jewellery that have a combined value of more than €50,000
  • You have a single item in your home worth more than €20,000

Select Covers

High value homes

Fine art and Antiques

Luxury cars

Jewellery, watches and diamonds

*Terms & Conditions apply. Available covers will vary depending on the product and underwriting criteria.

Why Use A Broker

McCarthy Insurance Group represents a range of insurers and Managing General Insurance Agents throughout Europe. We are a reliable partner and advisor for our clients and their unique, specific needs. With our extensive knowledge and diverse selection of insurance products, we provide an unrivalled feeling of safety and coverage for our customers.



Claims Service

Best Price

We've Got You Covered

Unbiased Advice

We always choose the optimal coverage for clients without bias for/against any insurer.


We build loyalty and long relationships with customers by taking time to know and meet their needs.

Claims Support

We smoothly guide customers through claims, managing the process to relieve their burden and stress.


Our full marketplace access lets us offer choices and find the best value through comparison.


We filter out confusing industry jargon and explain policies/risks clearly so customers understand. Our 70 years of experience helps us communicate simply.


What our customers say

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