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Serious illnesses like cancer, heart attacks, and strokes can create major financial stress by forcing you to take time off work or pay for expensive treatments. Purchasing serious illness coverage as an add-on to your life insurance policy can provide a tax-free cash lump sum to help cover costs if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

*Terms & Conditions apply. 

Why use a financial advisor?

Financial advisors offer invaluable expertise from their comprehensive knowledge of key money matters like investing, savings, taxes and retirement. They use your unique goals and situation to build a personalised financial roadmap to prosperity. Advisors prevent you from having to research complex products and strategies yourself. Their impartial guidance steers you towards smart choices in your best interest so you can avoid costly errors. They optimise your finances by coordinating plans with a wide perspective. With advisors’ continuing help, you stay on track through life’s changes. Their insight brings knowledge, convenience and peace of mind for your future.


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Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group?

Since pioneering financial advisory services in 1991, McCarthy Insurance Group has spent over 30 years designing bespoke financial solutions to empower clients’ futures. Our team of financial advisors boasts far-reaching expertise across the spectrum of financial planning, spanning insurance, retirement, investments and beyond. We retain an objective perspective, without allegiance to any single provider. Further supplementing our advisory services, we have cultivated professional relationships with tax, accounting and legal experts. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to deliver all-encompassing guidance. Our sole focus remains crafting plans customised to each client’s unique needs to help safeguard their financial well being and peace of mind.


Highly qualified professional team of advisors with over €300 million in client assets under management.


Innovative technology that allows clients to view all of their policies with all insurers in one place.

Competitive Rates

Access to the most competitive rates from all of the major insurance and investment companies in the marketplace.

Personal Service

Highly efficient administration service and direct contact points for all customers

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