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What we offer

With key person insurance, your business is insured against financial losses from the death or disability of a uniquely crucial employee. This tax-free lump sum payout can cover revenue shortfalls, repay debts guaranteed by the key employee, and more.

Securing key person insurance gives you peace of mind that your company can financially weather losing an irreplaceable employee. It protects your hard work and ensures continuity for staff, customers, and stakeholders.

Why use a financial advisor?

Access the specialised knowledge of financial advisors and their deep command of critical money matters through investing, savings, retirement, and taxes. Advisors map out a financial journey tailored to your unique aspirations and attitude toward risk. Avoiding time spent investigating complex issues alone, advisors lend their judgement so you can select options that serve your interests while steering clear of expensive missteps. Financial advisors take a big picture view of your finances for efficiency. With adaptable, ongoing support amid life’s twists and turns, advisors align your plans with your changing reality. For their priceless knowledge and ease, advisors are a prudent investment for peace of mind.


Tailored Packages

Professional Advice


Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group For Your Financial Planning?

With over three decades of experience since 1991, McCarthy Insurance Group has been crafting customised financial solutions to secure our clients’ futures. Our qualified financial advisors offer extensive expertise across the entire spectrum of financial planning – from insurance to retirement, investing, taxes and beyond. We maintain an unbiased perspective without promoting any specific provider. Additionally, we partner with tax, legal and accounting experts, so our guidance leverages cross-disciplinary knowledge. We concentrate entirely on constructing tailored plans to foster each client’s financial security and peace of mind.


Highly qualified professional team of advisors with over €300 million in client assets under management.


Innovative technology that allows clients to view all of their policies with all insurers in one place.

Competitive Rates

Access to the most competitive rates from all of the major insurance and investment companies in the marketplace.

Personal Service

Highly efficient administration service and direct contact points for all customers

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