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What we offer

Our qualified financial advisors have extensive expertise in the area of pensions and retirement planning. They will take the time to understand your specific circumstances and needs in depth. Drawing on their comprehensive knowledge, they will provide tailored advice to you. Take advantage of our decades of pension planning experience and allow us to ensure you are making the right pension choices to achieve the retirement you desire, while availing of all applicable tax reliefs.

Why use a financial advisor?

A financial advisor offers expertise that can be invaluable when making important money decisions. Advisors have a comprehensive understanding of financial planning, including investments, savings, taxes, retirement, and more. They help create a tailored financial roadmap based on your unique goals, risk tolerance, and situation. Advisors save you time researching complex products and strategies. They provide impartial guidance to help you make informed choices in your best interest, avoiding costly mistakes. Good advisors take a big picture view of your finances to optimise and coordinate your plans. Their ongoing support helps keep your financial plans on track through life changes. For their knowledge, convenience and peace of mind, a financial advisor is an advisable investment for your future.


Tailored Packages

Professional Advice

Choice of Policies

Personal Pensions and PRSAs

These individually owned pension plans are well-suited for self-employed persons and employees. You can make ongoing contributions or one-time lump sum payments. All contributions qualify for valuable tax relief claimed on your tax return annually. While employers can contribute to PRSAs, only personal contributions can be made to personal pensions.

Group Pension Plans

With group plans, employers coordinate pensions for their workforce, with any voluntary employee contributions through payroll deductions. Tax relief applies to both company and employee portions. An independent trustee oversees the scheme to ensure full compliance with pension regulations.


Company Pension Plans

Company pension schemes are arranged by employers for directors and employees. Contributions come from the employer directly, with employees’ portions deducted from their salary. This allows for efficient tax relief as deductions are applied at the source.

Retirement Bonds

Also called buy-out bonds, these allow you to transfer pension benefits from a previous employer into a personal plan. This gives you control over investments and providers. Our advisors can determine if this option suits your needs.


Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group?

With over 30 years of experience since starting financial advisory services in 1991, McCarthy Insurance Group has been providing customized solutions to help clients plan for their financial futures.


Our team of qualified financial advisors (QFAs) offers extensive expertise across all facets of financial planning. This includes life insurance, income protection, pensions, health coverage, inheritance tax strategy, regular savings, and lump sum investments. We take an unbiased approach, with no favoritism towards any particular provider.


To further complement our advisory services, we have established professional relationships with tax experts, accountants, and legal partners. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver comprehensive financial guidance by drawing on the knowledge of specialists across disciplines. Our only focus is creating tailored plans to help secure our clients’ financial wellbeing and peace of mind.


Highly qualified professional team of advisors with over €300 million in client assets under management.


Innovative technology that allows clients to view all of their policies with all insurers in one place.

Competitive Rates

Access to the most competitive rates from all of the major insurance and investment companies in the marketplace.

Personal Service

Highly efficient administration service and direct contact points for all customers

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