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Having the right life insurance policies in place is important and identifying what cover will meet your needs is our financial advisor’s first consideration. Depending on the primary need the policy is designed to meet, it can be divided into different categories, including life insurance, serious illness cover, mortgage and business protection.

Why use a financial advisor?

Securing your financial success requires expertise that a financial advisor can provide through their deep understanding of investments, savings, taxes and retirement planning. By creating a custom roadmap tailored to your goals and risk tolerance, advisors help you make ideal choices while avoiding mistakes. Their big picture guidance coordinates your finances efficiently. Ongoing support adapts your plans through life changes. For their knowledge and convenience, advisors are a wise investment.

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Choice of Policies

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides financial protection for your loved ones over a specified period, should you pass away prematurely. If death occurs during the term, your beneficiaries will receive income to cover expenses. Term plans help ensure your family’s financial security during working years when dependents rely on your earnings. Discuss term options to determine appropriate coverage for your needs.

Critical Illness Insurance

With improving life expectancy, serious illnesses are a growing concern. Many once-fatal conditions can now be treated, but often at high costs. Critical illness insurance provides funds to cover treatment and living expenses if diagnosed with a major specified disease. This helps safeguard your finances during recovery. Evaluate critical illness plans to supplement your protection.


Pension Term Insurance

Pension term life covers the period until retirement. If death occurs before retirement, this provides your beneficiaries with income replacement. Premiums are eligible for valuable tax relief. Pension term insurance protects dependents pre-retirement and can complement other pension savings.


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life gives lifelong coverage with death benefits whenever it occurs. It provides income replacement for dependents while also covering inheritance taxes to protect assets. Permanent protection beyond a set term may suit specific needs. Discuss whole life options to determine if they are appropriate for your situation.

Why Choose McCarthy Insurance Group?

With over three decades of experience since 1991, McCarthy Insurance Group has been crafting customised financial solutions to secure clients’ futures. Our qualified financial advisors possess extensive expertise across all aspects of financial planning, including insurance, pensions, savings and more. We remain unbiased and do not promote any specific provider. Additionally, we collaborate with accounting, tax and legal partners to deliver truly comprehensive guidance by tapping into varied fields of knowledge. We concentrate solely on constructing tailored plans that foster our clients’ financial security and peace of mind.



Highly qualified professional team of advisors with over €300 million in client assets under management.


Innovative technology that allows clients to view all of their policies with all insurers in one place.

Competitive Rates

Access to the most competitive rates from all of the major insurance and investment companies in the marketplace.

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Highly efficient administration service and direct contact points for all customers

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